Beta testers are needed for Contour.


I just downloaded the beta, looks very nice! I will definitely buy it when it is out.


Thanks for the hint.

They are really fast: About an hour after registering, I received the download link.

Contour looks interesting. I’ll give the concept a try for a new novel I am planning.


Downloaded the beta today, and it looks very interesting… I’m planning on study each of the example script before trying one on my own… very interesting indeed… seems to me a very good peace of software to plot down one’s story, useful not only for scriptwriting… (or am I missing something here?)

Ciao, Andrea

The application will be in very rapid development in the near future, then as needed in response to users requests. So what is there now will have a slew of fixes and updates in the near future (such as brand new documentation and Act calls from the menu).

The application is ideal to set up a preliminary chapter outline for a novel or stageplay even though it is primarily designed for screenwriting plot point/beat script outlines.

You take the beat sheet/plot point print out over to something like Scrivener.

One of its hidden strengths is that it makes the process of adaptation a cake walk. You set the book up in digital form and copy and paste core story beats to Contour. It is dead easy to see what should and should not be in the adaptation because you are responding to reasonably smart questions about the core story, which should keep you on thread.