Control-D behavior different from MS Word

I used Ctrl-D Microsoft Word to delete the next word. Imagine my surprise when I used Ctrl-D in Scrivener to delete the next word and unexpected behavior occurred. I stayed in the document, happily typing away, but unbenownst to me, the document had moved into the trash!
Yikes! :frowning:
I’m sure it’s not an insignificant amount of work to change the behavior of Scrivener. Sending a file into trash without letting the user know? Can you please give us a pop-up or a reminder or something?

I think this might be a red herring; Ctrl-D shouldn’t be sending anything to the trash (unless you’ve set it up that way in the keyboard options). What will, and this is currently a known bug, is Shift-Del, which is how you delete things in Windows Explorer. It should not do that from the editor, that is the bug. When the item is selected in the outline or group view modes, then it is fine, but not while editing, especially since Shift-Del is a common editing shortcut. So I’m guessing you might have also pressed that at some point, maybe even accidentally, and that is ultimately what moved it to the trash. I think this bug is fixed in the latest internal build.

Ctrl-D, incidentally, duplicates the current section. It shouldn’t be doing that from the editor either, so I think that might be a new bug.

I’m in Finisht the Damned Book Mode and so didn’t notice I was being so erroneous! I meant Ctrl-Del, which deletes the next word in Msft Word and sends the document to trash in Scrivener (all the while allowing you to continue editing it…)
So sorry i erred in my bug description.

The Move to Trash shortcut changed from Ctrl-Del to Shift-Del partly for this reason. The bug whereby using the shortcut in the editor trashed the document is still in 035 (it is fixed for the next release and in the NaNoWriMo version) but the shortcut was definitely already changed to Shift-Del by 035; Ctrl-Del is forward delete. Try going into Tools>Options… and clicking the Keyboard tab, then choosing “Scrivener” from the “Import” button to reset the shortcuts to the defaults. Maybe something was lingering on your system.

In either case, you can in that Keyboard menu set your own shortcut for the Move to Trash command, so you can set it to something you won’t accidentally hit while typing in the editor.