Control Tab in Tiger

I can not seem to get the Control-Tab (Scrivener 2.0) shortcut key to work using Mac OS 10.4.11.I hit ^Tab and the text options line (ie: fonts, spacing,etc… greys out) It works fine on my other machine running Snow Leopard. I did try to assign this function to another key(^A) - but, it did not work. In the menu it showed up Move Focus To ^A … ^Tab.

Hmm, you’re right - it seems that Tiger shouldn’t like ctrl-tab as a shortcut on its own. This seems to be a limitation of Tiger, and as I think the shortcut is a pretty good one, I’m loathe to have to change it for all platforms (mainly because there aren’t many shortcuts left), so the best thing to do for now is use System Preferences to assign a different shortcut.
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