Control title numbering in compile?

Whenever I compile a document, Scrivener (or something) seems to interpret my Chapter titles so as to make them into weirdly (1.1.3) numbered lists. I have searched high and low in the compile settings where to control this, but can’t find it… Any hints?

With thanks!

My guess is at some point you selected one of the outline style compile presets, like “Enumerated Outline”, as these will prefix titles with a hierarchical serial number like that. So, unless you do want the other characteristics the preset applies (such as just printing headings and no text), you could just switch to another preset like “Paperback Novel” or “Standard Manuscript”.

If you do want the basic layout of the current compile settings, then visit the Formatting pane. Depending on which preset you’ve started with, you may be in for a bit of work stripping all of these numbering codes out. The “Enumerated Outline” preset, for example, has six levels of depth for all three types of binder items (folders, stacks of files and files), all of which would need to have the “Prefix” removed from the Section Layout… button in that pane. You’d click on one at the top, remove its preset, then click the next in the list, and so on.

Thanks for your reply. Hm, I checked the preset and it is ‘Custom’. I might just have used ‘Enumerated Outline’ some time in the last few months, but I am pretty sure that I didn’t change ‘Custom’ to do numbering. So that can’t be it :confused:
Also thanks a lot for your explanation of how to remove the prefixes… somehow I am so stuck in my dissertation that I don’t really have the head to technical stuff, in order words, I don’t understand it; but when things have calmed down, I will try what you suggested, but might come back to you about it if my brain is still on strike.

Best wishes and thanks

Well, “Custom” just means you’ve customised whatever it was originally, as you might expect, once you have changed something there is no indication of what it was originally. I’m not sure where the counter codes came from, but a really easy way of just getting things back to a baseline is to select the template’s default compile presets, if you started with one. If you did use a template to create the project, the preset at the very top of the menu will reset to default. For example if I create a project using the “Non-Fiction (with Sub-Heads)” template, that is what will read in the “Format As” drop-down menu.

If you just used the “Blank” starter, there will be no default compile settings. The “Original” option toward the bottom is a safe start. It pretty much just outputs what you see in the editor, no changes, no automatic titles, nothing fancy. Titles are pretty easy to turn back on if you want them, in the Formatting pane (you just click some checkboxes).