I’m using Scrivener under Windows XP to sort a large file (the full project is about 51000 words) into numerous sub-files. To be sure I don’t lose copy, I block text from a base file, copy it to a sub-file, return to the base file and delete the original text, which is still blocked out.

Control-X does not cut the original text under those circumstances. I must either use the drop-down menu and choose “cut” (which works, but after a pause of several seconds) or click the mouse once to de-block-out the text, block it out again and use control-x.

It’s not a major problem, and it’s possible I’m the only person who’ll ever use Scrivener for this sort of organizational purpose, but there it is. It took me a while to work out the de-blocking workaround.

Is there a reason why you aren’t using Scrivener’s “Split” command?

(Assuming it actually exists in the Windows version – I’m a Mac user.)


I’d put a second vote out there for the split command. It does what you’re doing much easier. :slight_smile:

The point remains though that Ctrl-X doesn’t work the way the OP expects. :wink:

It’s a focus issue. Switching documents via the binder will put the focus in the binder, and clicking on the editor header bar puts the focus there, so commands affect the title text, not the text within the document. And of course if you click in the document text, you lose the selection (right-clicking brings up the context menu, so it doesn’t lose the selection, as you’ve seen). In the Mac version you can do this with a “move focus to” command, but that hasn’t been implemented yet in Windows. However, if you use the document history buttons in the header to switch back to your original document after jumping to the new one, the focus will remain in the editor and Ctrl-X will work.

Another option is to use the split editor and show your main document in one, and then the document you’re moving the text to in the other. You can then just drag and drop between them, eliminating a few steps. Since the text isn’t deleted from the original document until it’s dropped in the other location, there’s less fear of accidentally deleting text. (I do understand the copy first, then delete vs. just a cut and paste.)