controlling collections' colors?

(or maybe I should spell that “colours”)

Is there a way to control the colors assigned to various collections? Thanks!

Yep! Just double-click on the color square next to the title in the active collection’s tab and you’ll get a bunch of color options or the ability to bring up the color panel and get exactly what you want.

Yup! Double click on the little colored / coloured square in the top right. You’ll have access to a drop down list of lots of colors / colours and the option to invent your own.

Speaking of ‘inventing’, someone was telling me the other day that the color / colour pink doesn’t actually exist.
It’s not actually a wavelength of light like other colours / colors (ie it’s not in the rainbow). Pink is just what your brain does to interpret what happens when you see both red and violet at the same time (opposite ends of the visual spectrum)

EDITED: Beaten too it! Hey Jennifer.

Thanks!!! (Also discussed on page 55 of the manual – should’ve looked there first!)