Controlling 'full screen' size


I may well have missed something obvious, but can anyone tell me if there is a way to control the ‘full screen’ window size?

I like the ‘feel’ of working in full screen mode, but it can feel a little overwhelming on a 24" iMac! I just wondered if I could somehow set the Scrivener window to be a certain size, when in full screen mode.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes! Just buy a screen of the exact same size you want your window to be!

On a serious note, you can adjust the text width with the Paper Width parameter right in the Full Screen mode.


How did I know that someone would say that? :wink:

I do use the paper width option but that isn’t really the issue. I was hoping there might be a way (for example) to allocate half the screen to Scrivener and half to something else. I’m guessing not, but thought I’d ask :slight_smile:

Since, at least according to my understanding, the idea of full-screen writing is to hide any distracting elements from view, leaving only the area that is being written, as a way of focussing entirely on the writing in process, to only allocate half the area to full screen and have some other application running in the other half is to negate the whole purpose … in that scenario, just filling half the screen with the ordinary Scrivener window would seem equally adequate to me.

But what do I know …


Logically, you are correct - full screen does exactly what is says on the tin and for distraction-free writing, it is fantastic.

But my personal preference for using full screen is not always to save myself from the perils of other windows, so much as to distance myself from all the other ‘stuff’ in the Scrivener project. I’m quite happy to see my email, read the news and spend too much on Amazon while I write - but I want to write with the full screen experience too. I know, I know, I want my cake AND I want to eat it.

Use two monitors. One for scriv, the other for…

Yes you can fairly easy (sort of)

(1) Go into Full screen mode

(2) Scroll down tot he bottom of the page and a menu will appear.

(3) Select page Position LEFT and page width to about 1/3 - or 30% (from left to right on the meter).

(4) On the far right select background fade to 0%

Now in full screen mode your desktop or any other application windows should be visible to the RIGHT of the black half of your screen (if black is your background color) BUT you cannot click on them to activate them you must first either exit full screen mode (hit esc) or use spaces which is a little trickier and only 10.5 compatible.

It is much easier and more feasible to either use a dual monitor set up or in all actuallity if you want a “windowed” editor that “hides” all the extras do this.

(1) Go under VIEW
(2) Go to LAYOUT
(3) Select HIDE BINDER
(5) Click the oblong pill shaped button on the top right of the window and click it to “hide” the icons.

Now you have a window with no “clutter” that you can resize to whatever size you wish. You can go to

and then change the Text Background color to say Black and then the highlight some text and change the font color to whatever color you want (say green or light gray) save that as a style and save the preference as say “Simulated Window Mode”.

Tada you now have a “windowed full screen mode” that can be loaded as a preference and when you are done you can either load the default preferences back or your own preferences to convert things to black text on white and two short cut commands (to show binder and show inspector) and one click of the “pill button” and scrivener is back with all its bells and whistles.

If that makes any sense?

Or you could toggle the Binder and Inspector off, minimise the toolbar (with the ‘lozenge’ top right) and then just put your other windows on the other side of the screen :slight_smile:

The Layouts feature lets you save layouts, too, so you can quickly switch between view with everything toggled off and then having everything toggled back on again.