Controlling page numbers in compiler

Been looking all over the docs and playing with the placeholder tags but am officially stumped. How can I change the page numbering when generating my output file.

Specifically, I want page #1 to start with Chapter 1, which is numerically page #3 in the book, after the cover page and the copyright page. I’d also like to use Roman numerals for the beginning pages.

Cover page = i
Copyright page = ii
Chapter 1 = 1

Is this possible? And if so, how?

Thx // frank

Hi Frank,

For this sort of thing you’ll have to export to a word processor and tweak things there. Scrivener supports the basics in this regard - if exporting to RTF you can set the page numbering to start on the second page, or if printing you can set it to start on an arbitrary page, but there’s no secondary numbering scheme.

All the best,

Thx Keith.

I try hard not to use another program for quick output, going straight to PDF on the Mac for quick reviews or printing via Preview. For the final output, I’ll follow your advice.