Controlling page numbers

here’s the scenario: one folder, with text notes beneath it. I want page numbering to begin on the third text note (the first page is an intro and the second is a script sample). First two pages, no numbering. Third page is Page 1.

There isn’t a way of doing that. You can disable header/footer on the first page, and choose between having that counted or not, but that is it. You need to set up advanced formatting in a word processor.

Thanks, I was wondering if some folder / text note and/or level vs. level setting could pull this off for me. (Guess I will have to deal with Word’s section and page # choices. :unamused: :laughing: )

I feel your pain. :slight_smile:

Eventually there will be a bit more control over this in the same area as the current settings, but there are a number of unimplemented pieces that need to be in play before that can happen, and they or may not be featured in the word processor format outputs, immediately.