Controlling Separators

I would like to be able to have sub-scenes within scenes, each as their own text element. However, I would like to be able to only apply the separator feature in the compiler to the actual scenes themselves, and not to the sub-scene elements. I tried just inserting my scene-break characters manually, but when compiled in .mobi, they change the justification of that line to left.

How can I have separate text documents as children of a text document (in the outliner) but prevent to separator formatting being applied during compile. (In any file format used by the compiler, not just .mobi)

You might have to have each scene contained in a folder, so that you have a structure like this:
chapter folder -> scene1 folder -> scene file
chapter folder -> scene1 folder -> scene file -> sub-scene file
chapter folder -> scene1 folder -> scene file
chapter folder -> scene2 folder -> scene file

Then you’d have the ability to assign no separators between contents of a “level 3” and “level 4” files, but still have separators between each “level 2” folder.

I haven’t tested this out, so I can’t guarantee it’ll work, but maybe a little experimentation in another test project might yield some progress.

I tried your suggestion, and it still formatted the same way. I don’t see where you can assign different seperator settings per level (is the dialog using a different name than ‘levels’). The only mention I saw of levels was in the formatting.

I did come up with a work around. I create a seperate text element for scene breaks with nothing more in them than a single line containing * * * (That’s what I name them as well, * * * ) Then I just put those wherever I need them in the outliner, and set the formatting in the compiler options to do nothing. It’s a bit more combersome, but it works.

Hopefully, in future versions you will be able to set parameters in the meta-data to override just the formatting settings in the compiler. That would’ve solved the problem.

For now, I like my work around, as it is easy to see in the outliner, and I can break my scenes up into lot’s of different clips to make it more manageable and easier to jump to during edits.