Conversion failing at 21%

Hi guys,

phew, what a disappointment. I was stupid enough to install the 1900 update and am cut off from writing since - I got a 130.000+ words project, and the conversion hangs at 21% since an hour or so - win7/64 tells me “not responding” (AppHangB1). How long is that conversion expected to take normally?

Please, tell me a download link for the last stable 1.8x version, before I go mad.


What is the file size of the project that’s hanging? (The size of the whole .scriv folder.) As a first step in updating the project, Scrivener makes a zipped backup of the project in its original format. Did you get through that to the actual conversion, or is it hanging while creating the backup? For a large project, the zipped backup could take a while, but hanging for an hour without moving certainly doesn’t sound right. Have you been able to make zipped backups of this project from within Scrivener in 1.8.6?

You can download 1.8.6 from here. If you’d be willing to send a zipped copy of the project that won’t update to AT literatureandlatte DOT com (or upload it somewhere and provide us a link, if it’s too large to email), that would help us investigate the problem.

Hi Jennifer,

thanks for the link, I’m downloading right now. Thankfully, I found an older 1.7 installer on a backup disk so I could re-commence my work and simmer down - by now I’m cool again. 8)

Regarding the project, it’s about 4.8 MB (whole folder). The auto-backup on attempted conversion worked (gave me a complete folder, altough the project name was already altered); it was during the actual conversion process where it froze at 21% and windows was quick to show a “not responding”.

As for the Zip, I’ll be sending it shortly.
Thanks and Regards