Conversion Settings Problem

Hey all. First off, thanks to the developers of this great piece of software. Truly is a dream and the latest update really has resulted in a noticeable improvement in the way it handles! My problem is this…

I center and bold text, headings of my documents. But when I convert them or copy and paste the text into a word processor…the centered text always gets shifted to the left, left aligned. And then I have to manually go and center all the headings. A lot of work since it is a very long document. What causes this and how to I fix it?

Let me show you what I mean. This is the way the text looks in Scrivener…

And this is what happens when I paste into word or use Scrivener’s compile function…

Sometimes the headings remain centered. But the scene separators (I use ~*~ to separate scenes) get left aligned instead. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Never mind. Figured it out myself. Exporting selecting the AS IS option works. Copying and pasting however doesn’t work. But that’s fine. I can just export as a rich text or word document. Not as fast but what’s a second or four. :slight_smile:

Yes, compile is easily explained if you had the options set to override text and notes formatting (in the Formatting tab of Compile); deselecting that will allow you to compile the documents as they appear in the editor, without needing to set each for “as-is”. (“As-is” works slightly differently, in that it trumps all the Formatting settings including which elements compile, so “as-is” documents will always compile their text and only their text, even if that type and level of document would normally be compiling just its title and synopsis, for instance.) If you’re doing all your formatting in the editor anyway, switching the compile options that way makes sense. Another option could be to use the section headers as document titles (splitting your documents into smaller chunks if necessary) rather than putting the header within the document, then using the formatting tools in compile to include the titles and embolden and centre them, etc.

The copy-paste issue is mystifying, though. I just tried this briefly pasting into Word 2010 and the centred text remained centred. Do you happen to notice any difference in formatting between the lines that do stay centred and those that don’t? This might not be something fixable on Scrivener’s end, but if you can provide reproducible steps we’ll take a look.

Thanks for your response and your tips. Well, the copy paste thing is indeed mystifying. At times the First heading on top of the page is centered but headings in the middle and end of it are left aligned. At other times EVERYTHING is left aligned but thankfully all other formatting is preserved. The steps are simple. Select all in Scrivener and then open Word 2010 and CTRL+V. Whether it’s basic copy or Merge Formatting…same deal. It may not be Scrivener’s fault and something you can fix. You just may be right about that.

I’m just glad the export/compile function can be used to save me changing hundreds of headings. Thanks again!