Conversion to PDF Header wrong

So when I convert my scrivener file to PDF using the program tool, it shows on every page my header being Stahl/Book Title/ Page # . The issue is that I don’t know where it’s pulling this “Stahl” last name from. My Mac, scrivener, and in document author name is not the same as “Stahl” yet on every page it says this last name in PDF format. Anyone know where I can go to change it so it’s no longer saying Stahl and saying the appropriate last name?

Just to check the obvious things first (apologies is you have already done this).

What is in the compile settings (File > Compile > All Options > Page Settings)?

In my default setup it has <$surname> / <$ABBR_PROJECTTITLE> / <$p> in the right-hand box in the Header row. Is that what you have?

The help file “Placeholder Tags List” (Help menu) defines $surname as

So, the first thing to check is what you have in the Project Meta-Data settings panel, then secondly in your Mac Address Book - the text it is expecting to use will be there, in grey if it’s picking it up from Address Book, rather than having been explicitly entered by you.

If that’s not the answer, sorry, don’t know! - but you could try just over-writing $surname in the Header with the name you want to use.

Thank you so much! I was able to fix it and change everything in the meta data section that you mentioned. You are a life saver!

No problem - glad it helped!