Convert B&I to MMD syntax on compile

Could a Compilation Option be added to convert bold and italics to MMD syntax on Compile? This is a one-way process from the Format menu, but the most useful time for this would be when one heads out into LaTeX land, leaving the Scriv text clean and pretty…

I wanted to add this originally but it is omitted for technical reasons - the way MMD handles bold and italics is very different, in that it has strict rules, to rich text. The placements of the asterisks is important and there are rules about not crossing certain boundaries which means a simple conversion isn’t really possible - it could result in a bad MMD file and trouble-shooting down the line. Fletcher explained all this to me long ago and he and Ioa both agreed it would be best not to convert upon compile like this, if I recall correctly - hopefully Ioa will be able to explain the complexity involved in a little more detail, as he is more of an MMD expert.
All the best,

(Not that this is a definitive “no” - I think it’s a nice idea and if it can be achieved in the long run I think it would be a great addition.)