Convert Bold and Italics to Multimarkdown DURING COMPILE?

Hi Folks,
Is there anyway to Convert Bold and Italics to Multimarkdown automatically during the compile stage? I now select the option manually, and then reverse once a compile to LaTeX has been completed, but I’d much rather have this done automatically as part of the other conversions.


Not at this time. The process of conversion is error prone, since non-coded rich text allows a degree of sloppiness that MultiMarkdown does not. This is an example. It looks fine to anyone looking at it, but if you looked at my BBCode markup, and converted it to MMD, you would get “This* is an example*.”, which is clearly not valid, and would result in a stray asterisk in the output file that would very likely get missed by everyone and end up in the final book. That is why the conversion tool must be run by hand, so you can then go through and make sure there are no antics such as the above example going on.

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I would argue that whether to troubleshoot the bold/italics conversion at the initial or final (post compile) stage should be a choice left to the user. I, for one, would prefer to scan for errors once, after the compile process, rather than twice (once before, and once after, since some scanning will always be necessary).But I understand the current logic.