Convert (dropped) Link to editable note item

Hi all,

when I drop a web link on the research folder scrivener creates a linked document which I cannot edit. Is there a way to drop a web link to the scrivener (research folder or better directly to drafts folder) and scrivener creates a note (title, body) which I can edit?

The dropped link is a url to a web page in safari with simple text. I don’t need any format, only the text (body) and the title ().

Thanks for your help.


You can convert imported webpages after the fact by selecting them and choosing Documents > Convert > Convert Web and PDF Files to Text. If you always want your imported webpages to come in as text documents, you can open Preferences and in the Import/Export section, switch “Convert HTML files to” from WebArchives to “Text”.

Thanks, thats what I was looking for.