Convert endnotes to footnotes for compile to .odt


I’m currently using scrivener for the first time, in order to write my doctoral thesis. I really like it but I’ve come across a problem this week as I compile a chapter to submit for my yearly review. I use zotero and in order to preserve reference field codes I need to compile from scrivener to ODF, so that I can then do an ODT scan in Zotero.

When compiling to .odt scrivener isn’t giving the option to have footnotes be footnotes, e.g. each note appear on the bottom of the page which holds its corresponding note marker, rather than all grouped as endnotes at the end of the document. I really need the footnotes to be proper footnotes as most of them are translations of foreign-language citations which need to be readable at the bottom of the page.

I’ve seen other posts on fixing this when compiling to other formats, but I really need to compile to .odt. Scrivener doesn’t actually export the notes as coded, so I can’t do the reformatting in the word processer - it needs to be done in scrivener.

Any help appreciated

ODT compile doesn’t currently support true footnotes, unfortunately, as the converters we’re able to use just don’t provide this. We are continuing to work on better support for export to the ODT format, but for now I suggest compiling to RTF and then opening and resaving that to ODT from OpenOffice to get the format you need for the Zotero scan.

Hi! Have we made any progress on compiling documents containing “true” footnotes to ODT? Just curious. Thx, kraml

No, nothing has changed in this regard since the previous post. Neither the built-in “Scrivener” ODT converter (using Qt) or the tool supplied by VeryDoc is able to create linked footnotes in the ODT format. For this you need to compile to RTF and open that in OpenOffice.

Okay. Thanks, MM. Just checking, you know. kraml