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Would it be possible to put in a way to switch off the alert that comes up every time we choose “Convert: Formatting to Default Text Style”. That’s something I’m having to do all the time as many of the texts I work on have been imported and until I do that, I can’t see the Chinese. I’d rather not have to click on the ‘go ahead’ button every single time as I know what’s going to happen and I have chosen that menu option because I want it to happen. The first time you do it, the warning that the change is not undoable is fine, but after a couple of hundred times, I don’t need the warning any more.

A tick box in the corner saying “Switch off this alert” or whatever the usual wording is would be enough.



If I were Keith…

SCNR :stuck_out_tongue:

I might add this… It would be Leopard-only, though, as Leopard makes it very easy to add a checkbox like this, whereas on Tiger you would need to create your own panel for every single instance.
As always, no promises, though. :slight_smile:

Well, if you could, as a Leopard-user I’d be über-happy, but I would feel sorry for those on Tiger every time I did the conversion :smiley:


Okay, I’ve done it for Leopard, along with a number of other similar dialogues. Tiger users won’t get the option, though, as I say, given that it was just something that was made a lot easier in Leopard.

Apple has yet to convince me to convert to Leopard. Heck I even gave pigeon man a shot at it and his argument was not persuasive (sorry wock, I am a one mac house or you would have succeeded).

KB, you should offer your services to Apple as a “Leopard conversion justification consultant” as you have just provided the “last straw” in my Leopard conversion argument.

Now I just have to convince Mrs that I will die without out it. Which is thinly veiled man-code for “buy flowers and chocolate on way home”.


whatever the reason the outcome is the same.





Took one checkbox in a dialog to convince you eh?

I should have pointed out that Leopard comes with Beer Dispenser. :slight_smile:

Yes. That would have saved me some think time. As it is I have used my alloted cranial cpu cycles and will now only spout drivel for the next several days.

Make the most of it M`sieur Jaysen, for Der Drivel Meister, vic-k will soon be amongst once again.

Le D :imp:

Thanks very much Keith … here is one very happy spotted cat looking forward to the new version!