Convert formatting to default text style - how to apply to footnotes?

I’m trying to apply the same font across my entire Scrivener project, but for some reason footnotes seem to be unaffected by going to Documents ==> Convert formatting to default text style.

This is in spite of having checked “Use different footnotes font” in Formatting Preferences. Any ideas? Thanks.

Assuming you’ve set the default footnotes font in Preferences > Formatting, you can convert existing footnotes to the new format by doing this…

Highlight the top level folder in the binder (Manuscript / Draft usually), then make sure you’re seeing the Scrivening (one big virtual document) view by pressing cmd-1 (twice if necessary).

Then go to the Comments & Footnotes panel and you’ll see all the footnotes and comments for the manuscript. Click in the panel and press cmd-A to make sure they’re all selected. Right click in the panel and select ‘Convert to Default Formatting’. That should do it.

NB Don’t bother trying to deselect any comments in the panel; it’s not necessary as the command only affects footnotes.


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Thank you Brookter for these detailed and very helpful instructions! I followed your advice and it worked a treat. :smiley:

Glad it helped!