Convert->Formatting to default text style & indents

I was trying to clean up all of the tab stops and indents on several documents, which seemed to all be borked up for no reason that I could recall, so I selected those documents, and tried converting them to the default text style, leaving all of the check marks un-checked. I was under the impression that it would reset all tab stops, paragraph indents and what-have-you, but it didn’t.

Is this expected behavior, or have I encountered a bug?

I’m using build 22136 of the 2.3.5 beta on the latests Mountain Lion.

Do you have any rogue tab characters in there? Show invisibles or it’s equivalent is your friend!



Nope, no actual tab characters… the format bar (or tab bar, ruler bar, or whatever it’s called) is different for some documents, and those indentation marks and tab stops don’t change to the default when I try to convert the formatting. It was the paragraph indentation that was causing things to be out of line, and I thought that converting all of my documents to the default would line everything up, but it didn’t.

It should be resetting the entire ruler. One quirk I did notice is that immediately after running the command, it appeared as though the ruler settings were unchanged, but this condition only persisted until I hit an arrow key to move the cursor.