Convert from Blank project to Novel


I’m brand new to Scrivener, and am trying to resurrect a dormant novel in scattered over hundreds of Word documents in dozens of folders on several hard drives.

I plunged recklessly in, using a “Blank” project format, dragging files in and renaming them in the Binder.

Now, I’m wishing I had chosen the Fiction/Novel template.

Is there a way I can safely convert from the Blank template I’m using now to the Fiction/Novel template? Or can I create a new Fiction/Novel project, and somehow move all the files in the current project (some of which have been modified) to the new project?


There’s really no advantage to doing that if you’ve already got a lot going on in the current project.

What is it that you need from a Novel template that isn’t already in yours?

Well, being a brand new user, I actually don’t know. I was guessing the since I’m writing a novel, and there’s a template specifically called Novel, that maybe it affords features not available in Blank.

Is that not the case?

I grant that it would have been better to ask about the templates before starting and making changes.

You can create a novel template project alongside your main project and compare them. While you’re there you can even drag the starting folders from that project into your project—and just like that you’re about half of the way to “converting” to the template. :slight_smile: The other half is in the compile settings, but that’s the kind of thing you don’t need to decide right now, and in fact it might be better to just ignore compile until you need it.

So yeah, no big deal if you start with the “wrong” template. They are mainly there to give you ideas on how you can grow your own projects. We don’t literally mean for people to use the character sheet we provide, we don’t even mean to say everyone should use character sheets. The important thing is to see how it they are put together, so that if you want to make “event sheets” you know how, just like you can make your own character sheet feature from scratch in a blank project—just like we did when we make these templates. :slight_smile:

Cool! I just did this, and like the various features (Character, Places, etc.)

Many thanks!