Convert image to text?

Another oddball question.

Suppose I have a dozen images in my “Research” folder and I’d like to insert each one of them into a stand-alone text in my Manuscript (Plate A, Plate B, and so on.)

Right now I have to manually create a dozen texts and insert each image into its corresponding text (by clicking/dragging, using the image placeholder tag, etc.) and then I have to re-size each image manually.

What about a function where you could multiple-select images in the Research folder, control-click the list, choose “Duplicate Image to Text” from the pop-up menu, enter a group sizing parameter (or rely on a default that’s entered into Scrivener’s preferences), and Scrivener would automatically create a blank text for each image and populate it with the image, re-sized as you specify?

That could have some interesting uses, especially for setting up art or poetry books—anything with a lot of photography in it. In the meanwhile I think the easiest way to achieve this right now would be to drag the images into a single document at once. This will stack them all together. Now split between the first and second, and select them both to form a Scrivenings session (so you don’t get knocked back to the Binder after each split). Once you’re set up that way, you can quickly run through with the arrow key and Cmd-K to chunk them all out into individual files. I just did about ten in as many seconds, so it worked well.

Hi, Ioa.

Right, making photo albums was what got me started thinking about the potential uses of the feature. Good workaround with split at selection, though, although it still requires manual image re-sizing if you want to optimize for target print/ebook page size.