Convert inline footnote to normal text?


Is there any way, prior to compiling, to convert inline footnotes back to normal text? (That is, I compose as if the material I place into inline footnotes is going to be in footnotes, but then I change my mind and want it all to be as-is as normal text in the main part of document.)

I ask because this would improve functionality with certain third-party reference managers. For example, it would make it easier to choose between footnoted citations and in-text citations. If one wants citations in footnotes, then one leaves the inline footnotes alone and they are converted into proper footnotes during the compiling process. But if one wants in-text citations, one could achieve this if inline footing could be “turned off” or “stripped out” while still leaving the original footnote’s content as-is in the main text.

Thanks in advance!

Check Sec. 18.3.1 “Stripping Out All Notation” in the manual. I think that’s what you’re trying to accomplish.

Thanks, but that’s not quite what I want. I want the text that was in the inline footnote to remain as normal text – I just want an option to make that text no longer a footnote. If I have an inline footnote and then use the “strip out all notation” option you reference, the text that was in the inline footnote is deleted. But I want it to stay.

But thanks again for trying to help!

There’s not an easy way (other than compiling) to do it for an entire document, but for individual notes just select the footnote text and uncheck “Inline Footnote” on the Format menu.


Hi Katherine: I’m looking for any way to do this, easy or hard. If it is indeed possible by compiling, can you please tell me how?


File -> Compile -> RTF Compatibility pane. Check the box to flatten footnotes and comments into regular text. Only available if you’re compiling to RTF, DOC(X), or ODT format.


Thanks. However, this operation still creates a footnote, just not a “true” footnote. What I want is a function that does for all inline footnotes what is achieved when one uses the option under the Format menu to uncheck an individual inline footnote. That is, I want to turn all inline footnotes into just plain old normal text.

I think I just thought of a way! I can select all and then make the entire text an inline footnote, then I can uncheck that one giant inline footnote. Now there are no more inline footnotes, and what were inline footnotes are now left behind as part of the main text. YES!

Sadly this only works if there are no proper footnotes in the Scrivener document. :frowning: