Convert Max 1.x files for Win 2.0 Use

Hello everyone.

I have a number of projects that have been gathering dust for some time. So long in fact that they were created using Mac version 1.x, never updated to Mac version 2.0, and I’m now trying to pull them off the shelf and work on them in Win version 2.0.

The projects are only recognized as folders by windows. All the contents are inside, but Scrivener won’t accept them as something to be opened. I’ve tried placing a dummy “project.scrivx” file within the KillerTomatoes.scriv folder, as well as a KillerTomatoes.scriv>Files>Version.txt with the contents 16. Thus far, nothing works.

Is there any way to convert these files to a usable format? I put a lot of work into them.

Clarity: I no longer have any Mac access, Windows only.

Amber or Jennifer, please correct me if I’m wrong, but…
I don’t have MAC, but have read in this forum that there are no objections by literature & latte if you download the latest MAC Scrivener Trial , save all your projects in the latest format so they can be opened in your paid Windows version.
Or is it that you no longer have a MAC computer? If so, perhaps a MAC friend can do the above for you?

Thanks for your response. That’s correct, I have no access to a Mac computer whatsoever.

How about a friend willing to download the trial and upgrading the files for you?
Who knows? Maybe he/she might love Scrivener and thank you for the introduction :slight_smile:

all my Scrivener friends are on win, otherwise I’d try to help

Is there an Apple store near you? If you ask, most will allow you to try out Scrivener on a mac there. You could just bring a downloaded copy of Scrivener 2 for Mac, and all of the projects you still need to convert, and just open them all up and then close them again.

Humm. My boyfriend designs multimedia websites for the entertainment industry, sicne we work in Windows, he goes to the MAC store frequently to see how the different videos line up in browsers, iPad, etc.

They are definitely cool about and letting you play on their systems as much as you want, however I don’t think they would let you install a program, and open up files. BUT I COULD BE WRONG… :unamused:

I’ve actually heard that they don’t mind; I think they only have to reboot the floor models to get them back to their original settings. This is all second-hand information from my swiss-cheese-like memory, so definitely ask first. You could probably even launch Scrivener directly from a thumb-drive without copying it to the computer first.

Tip: Once you’ve (or he has) launched Scrivener once, go to the Finder and navigate to the thumb drive. Then select all of the Scrivener projects that need converting (it’ll be much easier if they’re all in one folder), and then hit CMD-o. This will cause them to all be opened by Scrivener, letting it do it’s thing. When all of the conversions are done, just quick Scrivener, eject the drive, and you’re done.

Might be worth posting in the Mac section of the forum - you might get a kind macuser who is able to help or who knows of a solution. Of course if you have hundreds of projects that might be stretching the generosity a little bit.

One other hint: undo whatever fiddling you did, like adding the bogus project.scrivx file, for instance. That could interfere with any conversions.

If you are desperate, and are willing to trust your data to the care of a complete stranger, I’d be happy to run the conversions for you on a reasonable number/size of projects. If there are gigabytes of data in your projects, or, like PF said, hundreds of individual projects, then I don’t think I could deal with that much work/data download & upload headache.

Just make sure that your drive has enough room for an additional zipped copy of each project. As part of upgrading to the version 2 format, Scrivener will first make a complete zipped copy of the project in the original 1.x format. That might not be a problem, depending how large your drive is and how large the projects are, but otherwise you may need to do them individually and then delete the backup copy of each before moving to the next. (Since you just keep an original copy of the 1.x version on your computer at home, so you don’t need the extra zip here.)

Here’s another idea…if you’re an alumn of a college, 9 times out of 10 you still have some privs in computer labs. Got one nearby? If you toss a lab geek some laundry or beer money, they might be able to convert the files for you, if you can’t.