Convert MMD Syntax to Bold and Italics


My workflow is now based on a continual exchange of text documents between Scrivener on the Mac, and PlainText on the iPhone and the iPad. Since it is not possibile to use RTF formatting, I adopted the handy MultiMarkDown syntax.

Scrivener has a clever Format > Convert > Bold and Italics to MultiMarkDown Syntax, that is precious when going from Scrivener to an external text editor. There is no opposite conversion command. I would find it very useful if this command existed, since it would help very much in finalizing the project.

Is this already possible in some way, or is it something that could be considered for a future release? (In the meantime, owners of Nisus Writer Pro could consider an intermediate passage, by using a macro dedicated to this kind of conversion).


Another intermediate is to use something like Marked, which is quite cheap (but they don’t appear to have a regular version, so you are stuck if your computer can’t run the App Store). It’s got a simple and useful premise: render the target file through MMD. Copy and paste out of the view window to convert to rich text. These sorts of programs are popping up like mushrooms these days. I suspect it’s due to the iPad like in your case, and it seems to be catching on for blogging on the Mac as well.

Thank you, Ioa, for pointing me to that app. It looks very interesting.