Convert MMD syntax to italics at export


Is there a way to convert Multimarkdown italics to RTF italics during export? I know it’s possible under the format menu, but that requires that I use a typeface that includes an italic variant, which I do not.



I’ve added basic support for converting MMD bold and italics to rich text bold and italics to the next version. You can test it out in the latest beta, available here:

You’ll find it under the “Transformations” pane.

All the best,

That is fantastic news! Thank you. I’ll try the beta in the meantime.


This makes me a happy panda. For how I write, that’s a good step toward letting me type in Markdown and compile directly. :slight_smile: I could even import an old markdown file and it would convert that markup.

Possible to import a markdown file and covert that markup in the editor? Lets me get away with drafting away from Scrivener and importing later. :laughing: