Convert MMD to HTML?

Right now all the writing I’m doing is being composed and saved in MMD, but actually posted on the web in HTML. So to my chagrin I’ve been using Textmate, instead of Scrivener, because I can just ctrl-shift-H and I get a new window with the HTMLized text to copy and paste. Is there any way that you all know of to take some MMD text in Scrivener and convert it to HTML? The export to HTML function doesn’t really do it, since it actually creates a fully-fledged HTML file, with its own style information and all the rest. What I need, really, is actually simpler. Anyone with any experience in the matter?

Actually the default XHTML export for MMD is precisely what you are looking for. Scrivener is injecting a meta-data command (Format: complete) which is causing the full HTML document export. As far as I can tell, there is no way to actually turn this off. I tried inserting a dummy format meta-data command into Scrivener, but that doesn’t work.

So, I recommend using this service. Just install that on your system, and it will convert a selection of Markdown text to XHTML (or do a reverse conversion, too), in any application which has access to Services.

You know what, I already even had that service. It had never occurred to me to use before, though.

Now all Scrivener needs to do is some awesome syntax hilighting for MMD. Did anyone ever bring that up? Italicizing text between *s, for instace?

It has been brought up, yes, and denied. From what I understand, it would essentially require a lot of mucking around in the RTF engine.

Yes, please bear in mind that Scrivener is not a text editor. It happens to be able to use MMD, but that does not make it a text editor. Syntax highlighting is 100% out of Scrivener’s scope. Sorry. (No I’m not. :slight_smile: )

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What I do is use TextMate’s “Edit in TextMate…” feature.

When editing a document in Scrivener, you can use this feature to copy the text, move it to TextMate, and then bring it back for editing.

It works great, but keep in mind that it screws up the undo feature, so saving and Snapshots are your friend.

It’s not quite what you asked for, but it does allow you access to the syntax highlighting and other features of TextMate, while still using Scrivener to organize your document.

To echo the above - I also use Edit In Textmate for the Markdown highlighting support. If you want to use Scrivener for its card and binder features, keep in mind that you shouldn’t outline in Textmate - you should outline in Scrivener, and edit the snippets in Textmate. This will keep your binder useful, make MMD export work better, and have a nice side-effect of making your snippets smaller (and thus making your Scrivener undo history and snapshots much more useful).

As a note, I have found a way to include markup language directly in Scrivener TEXT output without going through MMD. You’ll have to use an AppleScript converter to parse off and reformat the file (all of which TextMate can handle with no problem) before posting as HTML.

Let me know if you’re interested.