Convert paragraph spacing to empty line in docx-compile

for some scriptwriting elements I use Script Settings > Paragraph > Space Before: 2
When compiling to a Word document I would like this to not be converted to paragraph spacing but to an empty line. Is that possible at all?

That isn’t possible for DOCX format specifically, but the question I would ask is whether or not you need DOCX if you don’t need formatting. A screenplay is after all something that can be accurately executed in a plain-text file, or with a typewriter.

So that’s one way to go about it, if you need typed formatting instead of visual formatting: compile as plain-text using the “Plain Text Screenplay” compile format in the left sidebar. If you really want to load it in Word, you could, but that will load correctly anywhere, even Notepad.

Thanks, Amber. Unfortunately, I still need it to be rich text. My client has very detailed specifications about what should be bold, underlined etc…
So I guess the easiest/only solution is to set Space Before: 0 and add empty lines manually.

Yes, I think for that combination of things, you would need to channel the past and type in the whitespace yourself.

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