Convert shortcuts

In film scriptwriting, the first time a character or prop is mentioned the convention is to write it in UPPERCASE. But often, in the heat of writing, you forget and have to go back and make these changes retrospectively.
It would save a lot of mouse work of there were keyboard shortcuts for
Convert - to Uppercase
Convert - to Lowercase


I guess I’ve found a partial answer to my own question. The DEVONTechnologies WordService app ( puts an All Caps option in the Services Menu. Command-Shift-U. Neat. Worth including in the Scrivener Manual.


The commands are already there under Format > Convert, and you can add any keyboard shortcut you like using System Preferences: … er-for-mac

Thanks Not Kevin
You know, I’ve never learned to do this :unamused: I foresee lots of fun for 2013 reassigning all the keys on my keyboard.