Convert Tables to Images Issue

When using the “convert tables to images” feature in compile, I am having an issue in that Scrivener is inserting a section break “***” immediately before the output table image in the docx output. Not sure if this is a bug or if there is an option I can use to disable this. Anyone? Thanks!

Is the table/image in its own document?

Typically, converting a table to an image is something you would want to do for ebooks. What specifically are you trying to accomplish by doing it in Word?

Word is just the intermediate step as it is input into Vellum, which processes docx files

Update. Turns out that the *** was my fault, had a blank line in the text. However, it is still forcing the image to a new page which is causing the same problem - Vellum is seeing it as the start of a new chapter.

Vellum is a tool for creating print on demand files, right? I’m still not sure I understand why you need to convert the table.

In any case, if it’s forcing it to a new page that probably means that it won’t fit on the original page.

A good way to double-check whether Scrivener is doing something or not is to try opening the compiled .docx file in Word or a similarly capable word processor, and checking to see if page breaks are being inserted around the table. I am not seeing a result like that in a simple test (screenshot taken in LibreOffice with invisible formatting marks enabled):