Convert (text) documents to/from corkboard cards

Is there a way to go back and forth easily?

What is best practice for the corkboard / index cards? Notes to self? Content of the (sub)document? Everything except the content itself?


Well, it’s whatever you want.

Like, I sometimes use it for bits of text that aren’t a chapter yet. Then, when it is a chapter, I have a summing up of the chapter, so when I move the cards around, I know what’s what.

Or, in a different piece, I’ll have bits of dialogue on them, to sort of track a complicated conversation to make the tempo right, and then when it’s all put together, all the bits can be highlighted and replaced with something that is more descriptive of the whole conversation.

So that’s the important thing to think of, if, like me, you tend to scramble things around and not necessarily right in order. I have to have the thing half done before the structure starts to make sense, which can be very discouraging if you don’t realize that’s what you’re doing.

But in essence, the stuff on the cards lets you know what’s underneath, what’s being worked on, where it should go. However that works best for you depends on how you work.

Remember that - as explained in the tutorial and help file - corkboard cards are text documents, and vice versa. Each document has an index card associated with it. So what you see on the corkboard is just the index card representation of each document. Generally, you would write a synopsis of the document with which the card is associated upon it; or a note of what you intend to write in that particular document if it is so far blank.
Hope that helps.
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