Convert "Title" to Italicized Title

Is there really no way to find-and-replace a “Title in Quotation Marks” with a Title in Italics?

I tried using MMD for the Title in Italics but when I compile the draft it removes all my existing italics from the document.

Thanks for reading.

~ Michael

Do you mean the title of the project? The title should only appear in a few places, so it’s probably easier to do it manually.
I just checked to see if you can enter italicized text into Scrivener’s project replace text box. I could not do so. I then tried copying an instance of italicized text and copied it over.

I seem to recall that there’s a way of doing this using codes for italicized text. That’s how it works in Word, I don’t know if the use of those same codes would accomplish your goal.

If you want to convert “text” to italicized text, use Markdown and asterisks: “text” to text.