Convert to sentence form

Is it possible to add Format…Convert… To sentence form? (ie. Lower case with Capital letters beginning each sentence) This option is available in most word processors.

I primarily use the Scrivener Script templates. I find that when I am inserting a new line into a sequence of dialogue the paragraph will take on the format of the character’s name, ie. all caps. [Place cursor in the paragraph, hit Return, type new character name… the following paragraph changes Format.]

Undo (Command z) doesn’t work so I need to re-format the text by hand, which is irritating.

Alternatively, allow the user to Undo this action.

I am a beginner user of Scrivener and I must say it is the word processor I have been looking for all my life! Thank you.

Hitting the return key in Scriptwriting mode changes you to a different element, so it sounds like that’s what happening–when you mean to create a new line, you’re actually shifting out of the Dialogue element. Rather than restyling the text, what you’d want to do in this case is select it and use Format>Scriptwriting>Change Element To (or use the Element menu in the right of the Editor footer).

To create new lines without shifting elements, use shift-enter. Alternatively, you can change the behavior of the return key for given elements by going to Format>Scriptwriting>Script Settings… and selecting the Tab/Return button and adjusting the “On return” preference for Dialogue (and whatever else you like).

I would like to add my request for an additional menu item: FORMAT - CONVERT - TO SENTENCE CASE. It is very easy to press a wrong key and get the dialogue to appear in CAPS. The undo click will not reverse this. So it can be quite tedious converting TO LOWER CASE, the next best option and then correcting all the capital letters. I have a programme by Apimac called CleanText which does it.
It really is a small gripe for what is a brilliant programme. But for me it would be the icing on the cake.
Best regards,

You could install Devon Technologies Word services – they are free: … vices.html

Duplicates some of what you have in CleanText, but might be useful.

Thanks Martin,
I’ve installed WordService and set up a keyboard short cut to Initial Caps of Sentences which is certainly a step closer. Only the ‘i’ and proper names now. If you know where to look there are some excellent programmes out there.
Regards, Steven

Glad it was useful. Not sure what one could do about proper nouns, but (and you’ve probably already thought of this) for “i” you can at least do a search for it with the option set to “whole word” and replace all with the capital – not advisable if you use lower case Roman numerals, of course, and a bit long-winded, but better than doing it by hand.

Best, Martin.