Convert to Straight Quotes Not Working as Expected

Windows Version

Convert to Smart Quotes works as expected:

  1. if nothing is highlighted, all quotes converted to smart quotes
  2. if text is highlighted, only quotes in highlighted text are converted

Convert to Straight Quotes does not work in the same way:

  1. if nothing is highlighted, no quotes are converted in the document (expect all to be converted)
  2. if text is highlighted, only the first pair of quotes are converted. And even that only works if the quotes are on the first line of the highlighted text. If they come after the first line, nothing is converted.

This makes converting multiple smart quotes to straight quotes tedious and error prone (requires visual inspection over and over).

Still using v. 1.9.7, I can confirm that text does need to be selected in order to convert smart quotes to straight quotes, which I agree is inconsistent and unexpected. However, if I select an entire paragraph, then all smart quotes in that paragraph are converted. Seems like the function got worse in 1.9.8.

I’m using

Everything is working as expected for me. Converting from and to, smart or straight quotes, with text selected or not, it always converts them to the opposite format.

Narrowed things down a bit further and there’s definitely an issue. Could not get this to work in old projects, new projects, new files, etc. Then I turned off the “Use Smart Quotes” option, and turned it back on. Now it is mostly working (but it should’t require priming the setting):

  • Nothing selected, no smart quotes are converted (same as DAVIDR sees in 1.9.7).
  • Single or multiple lines of text selected, all smart quotes are converted (yay)
  • Exception: if the first line of selected text has no text (i.e. just a paragraph return) the smart quotes in the subsequent highlighted text are not converted. However, if that first line has something - even a single space - it will convert quotes in the subsequent highlighted text

Why would I ever highlight a blank line as the first line? Because I’m using markdown, and paragraphs require a blank line in between them. And clicking the blank line and dragging over the paragraph to highlight is much easier than trying to click the exact start of the text of the paragraph.