Convert to uppercase in right click contextual menu

While editing in “full screen composition mode” I realized I needed a few words capitalized.
I selected the words and instinctively clicked the right button mouse for the contextual menu, not sure about the name, looking for “convert -> to upper case”. But, alas, I couldn’t find it.

I know the right click menu is already long, but I think this addition is useful, especially when revising the manuscript.

You know you access the full menu in composition mode, too? Just slide the mouse all the way up to the top of the screen, it’ll pop down, and now you have full control again (although some things that are logical to disable will be, such as revealing the binder).

Yes, I know that, but the “convert” thing seems so contextual to me that I’d rather have in the right mouse menu. It also feel closer.

To prove my point I feel compelled to a little digression.
I am revising a draft, and I am reading about an exchange of phone text messages between two characters. Now I feel I want to have it in “capital letters”, while in the draft they were rendered as normal letters. Maybe at my third pass I want to render them in italics.
Or maybe while reading a direct speech I decide I want a word to be shouted, therefore I want it in capital letters.


Unfortunately it’s not really possible to fit everything in the contextual menus, and this one is definitely one of those features that is generally lesser uses, so it doesn’t really belong in the contextual menus, sorry.

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There are ways to add this sort of thing to the service menu yourself, if it’s something you use a lot. I believe the free WordService from Devon Technologies includes an All Caps option like this.

In your case, as it sounds like you’ve got a lot of these to do, I’d add a hotkey to “To Uppercase”. If I’m going through revising something looking just for stuff to uppercase, I’m definitely not going to want to be using menus for that. I have a few hotkeys for things like this; they are never meant to permanently be assigned to any one specific feature, but rather whatever feature I’m currently using frequently.

Thanks for the useful tips and suggested software.
The “d.i.y. toolbox” sounds intriguing, I like it. It needs confidence with the software, but I guess it comes with time.

Not trying to hijack the thread, but this seems related and worth considering…

Rather than adding the selection to the context menu, I suggest something similar to Microsoft Word’s Shift-F3 functionality that toggles between UPPERCASE, lowercase, and Title Case. Just use the Ctrl-6 that you’re already using for title case, and let it toggle through the three options. (I say “just” cautiously, as I understand programming changes are rarely “just”).

But while I’m asking, I would make one additional request would be that you not have to select the entire word before applying the toggle. It would make it that much more powerful for us keyboard jockeys and Word converts who really dig the flexibility of Scrivener. Especially those like me who never seem to be able to hold the shift key down long enough to properly capitalize their sentences and are always needing it.

Thanks for considering.

Edit: Spelling. Thank you, mbbntu, for pointing out that small error.

I couldn’t agree more.