Converted my Partner

Ah ha!

After hearing me go on and on (and on!) about how great Scrivener is, Partner, who does art & music, has come up with a writing project. He started it in Scrivener with no nudging from me!

And he’s thrilled.

This being his first project of this magnitude, he is being very fragmented at first, and he’s really impressed with how well Scrivener handles his different pieces and lets him move things around. He was thrilled enough with the yellow highlighting; when I told him there are different colors, and one can search for them, he was agog.

He wishes to commend Keith for the ease of use; as a not-hardcore word processing user, he doesn’t even know what to look for half the time, but is still figuring it out easily.

He sends his thanks.

I bought my editor a copy for her birthday/xMas, and she’s caught the bug now, too. There’s something satisfying about letting someone take up my gleeful frothing-at-the-mouth enthusiasm about Scrivener.

She works in a completely different way to me – an iterative, scattershot method, where she does a little bit of everything at once. I, on the other hand, outline like crazy beforehand so I can head out for the open road and drive full-speed along a straight line. The neat thing is, though, I knew Scrivener would work for her as well as it does for me (and she’s confirmed this is true).