converter error . ODT not working without msWord installed

I get a converter error when I try to import an ODT file – indicating Scrivener needs msWord to be installed. I do not have msWord installed on my Windows 7 machine.

Do I have to open the file in LibreOffice, save as msWord, then import? That seems like a convoluted process.

Usually ODT files can import without needing Microsoft Word for the conversion, but depending how the file was created, the converter we use may not be able to parse it. I haven’t run into this with files actually created in OpenOffice, but other programs that can save in the ODT format may be encoding it a bit differently. If you can resave it to RTF, that’s the best option, as it undergoes the least conversion when importing into Scrivener in that case. Alternatively you could copy and paste the text into a blank document in Scrivener, if that’s a simpler solution than converting the file format.