Converter Error

I am currently converting PDF’s into word documents using the export function in Adobe Acrobat Pro. The resulting document is a Microsoft Word 97 - 2003 document.
When I try to put this document into Scrivener as a research resource it comes up with the following:

WrsConvertfile (as a heading). The specified file is not a Doc format file. hresult: 80030050 Converter error

When I write a normal word document myself it is more than happy to add it as a research resource.
I have fourteen days left on my trial, anyone have any ideas how to do this seemingly simple task? My PC reads word documents perfectly well… as do I given half a chance.

Try first changing the setting for the .doc conversion tools by going to the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options and checking the box for using Word’s converters (or unchecking it, if it’s already on), then restarting Scrivener. If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to open the documents in Word after export from Adobe Acrobat and re-save them there as .doc or .rtf; Word will do this a little differently than the conversion tools Adobe uses, and Scrivener should then be able to impor the file. Alternatively, if you have the option for exporting as a different file type from Adobe, e.g. to RTF, you could give that a try, too. The problem is that Scrivener’s conversion tools don’t like some aspect of how Adobe’s conversion created the .doc file.