Converting a Final Draft Script to Novel format

I am looking for advise on how to import a Final Draft Script into Scrivener so I can use it as the basis for a novel.

Richard Paris
Author: L.A.BAD

Drag the FDX file of your script into the binder of your Scrivener project, and Scrivener will import it automatically as a screenplay document.

If it suits your workflow better, import your script and split it into individual documents by Scene Heading. Here’s how: use File>Import>Import And Split to import the FDX from your hard drive, and in the import dialogue, set the Final Draft Separator Element to Scene Heading.


Thanks for the feedback.

I was hoping for a way to get rid of all the script formatting but it looks like I need to do it manually page by page. Thinking Word is easier then maybe at some point move it to Scrivener.

Or, maybe it’s just more practical to just start fresh.


Sorry, I misunderstood the ask. It’s easy to get rid of the formatting. The simplest way is to open the script in Final Draft, select all, copy, then paste it into TextEdit on Mac or NotePad on windows. Then select all and copy again in the text app, and regular paste it into a non-screenplay document in Scrivener.

The result should have all the text, but each paragraph will be left-justified. No formatting.

The text app strips out the last bit of formatting. If you paste directly into Scrivener without the text app step, you’ll have a bunch of tabbed formatting left over.


That’s what i was looking for thanks.

Is there any advantage doing it this way instead of Edit → Paste and Match Style ( V)?

When I used Paste and Match Style, some tabbed formatting remains. Pasting into a text app and then cutting again seems to clean out the last of the formatting.

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