Converting a same-project external Bookmark to an internal Bookmark, or moving one into a Collection

Greetings - I’m going to have quite a few bookmarks that use the new external bookmark URIs, but that link to the very project in which they reside. Will there be a way to convert these to traditional bookmarks, or to move them into a Collection?

The external bookmark format has some great advantages. We can use a Windows search to identify documents a Scrivener search will miss, then convert the results programmatically to a URI that Scrivener will load on. We can load multiple documents on a single URI, and specify splits (preferred panes).

But internal bookmarks remain valid if the project is moved. And we can move internal bookmarks into a Collection, enabling us to perform group actions on them, such as adding keywords, changing icons and status, moving them to a binder branch.

So will there be any mechanism for Bookmark conversion or grouping for Collections? If not, I guess this belongs in Wish List. How about “view=selectonly” as an External URL option? This would simply multi-select the requested docs in the binder, enabling a move to a collection, corkboard synopsis view, or other group action.

Cheers - Jerome