Converting a whole document from block paragraphs to indented paragraphs


I am totally new to Scrivener. I normally right for the web using block paragraphs but for my next project, a book, I want to have a paper as well as digital version. For the paper version, I want indented paragraphs and for the digital version block paragraphs.

Is there a way in Scrivener to convert the paragraph formatting for a whole document between these two styles - from block to indent and vice versa? By that I mean I would compile one version with block paragraphs and another with indented paragraphs.

I searched the site but could not find an answer to this question.

You would simply compile to different outputs. There are presets for ebooks and Word and pdf and many more, and you can tweak them any way you want. Just experiment a bit and you will find your way through it. Or buy one of the many books explaining how Scrivener works.

The specific compile settings that you want can be found through the File -> Compile -> Formatting pane, which is discussed in detail in Section 24.11 of the Scrivener manual.


Thank you both for your comments. It seems that I had an older version of Scrivener and have now updated to the latest version. I will just play around with it and see how it works. Hopefully, it won’t break. So far I like it.