converting doc to new default style(format)

Hi - I changed my default style (format) and tried to convert other documents to the same format and it’s not working properly. It’s converting some things - like my tab settings - but the line spacing is different in the paragraphs and I am unable to change those sections to the correct line spacing even if I try to change it in settings. I am attaching an example.

Thanks in advance for your help.

How are you going about it? The basic process is:

a) Define the default style in either Preferences > Editing > Formatting (for all new documents in this and any project) or Project > Project Settings (just for new documents in this project) depending on your needs.

This only sets the default for new documents, so you have to convert existing documents, which you do by

b) selecting them in the binder and choosing Documents > Convert > Text to default formatting and set the options in the dialogue box.

That’s the normal process - if you’ve tried that and it still doesn’t work, then perhaps you can give more details?