Converting Document Titles to (Nested) Headings

I have a series of nested documents, each labelled with the title of the section. On compile, I would like the title to become a read header style for word / odf that corresponds to the level of nesting. Ie - top level = H1, next level = H2, etc. I’m not sure how to start doing this. Could anybody please point me to any guidance?

I can’t think of anything in the settings that would kind of automatically apply that time of rule for you (someone else who has had this specific use-case may come in with a different answer, though!).

What I would think to do would be to create a different Section Type for each hierarchy tier. Adjust the formatting for each section type and then you can just go through in the main compiler window and apply the section type based on the hierarchy level.

We have a video tutorial on section types and section layouts here.