Converting existing text to typographic quotes

There’s still an issue with smart quotes in Scrivener 3. I have smart quotes in my preferences - and for new work, it always works. When I go in and edit, change, or otherwise add to a section in another session, I lose my smart quotes on the new material and have to highlight and convert by hand.

Is there a setting I’m missing that allows universal smart quotes for an entire project, not just for the original new material?

I hit this issue today, There was no indication that it didn’t work for all the text in the scrivenings.

It may be an OS isssue. In Mac OS, there is a setting in System Prefs that allows varieties of quote types. But what is not evident is which are smart and which are not, because all the examples look like straight quotes.

If you are set in the OS prefs for straight quotes, new typing in Scrivener will create straight quotes, which is an OS issue and not a problem in Scrivener (although Scrivener REALLY needs a global transformation option to help us with this issue).

I have found that if you set the Sys Prefs to the top choice (even though it appears as straight quotes) that will mean new typing creates curly quotes. Of course I discovered this 375,000 words later, so I have tons of unfixed straight quotes that are irking me in my projects.

On Mac, select System Prefs > Keyboard > Text, and check 'Use smart quotes and dashes", then for ‘Double Quotes’ choose the top option in the dropdown menu “abc”. That is curly quotes. The bottom option is straight quotes, even if all the choices appear visually as straight quotes (thanks, Apple). Then do the same for Single Quotes.

This will fix all new typing.

As with many of Scrivener’s selection and editor based tools, they are amplified in power by the addition of Scrivenings mode. Click on the Draft folder in the binder, press ⌘1 (wait a bit), and then run your conversions. I’d suggest first converting all typographic quotes to simple punctuation with Edit ▸ Transformations ▸ Convert Quotes to Straight Quotes, then follow it up with the paired smart quote command.