Converting formatting from MMD to rich text

Hello all -

If I started a project in Markdown and then realised it was going to be much easier to do this one in normal rich text, is there an easy way to convert the text other than exporting RTF and copying and pasting back into each file?


Format > Convert > Bold and Italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax

menu item is very cool. But for this I want to go the other way…

There are probably multiple solutions. Here’s one:

Buy the wonderful Marked app. ($3 or $4). It’s used as a Markdown previewer (not editor), but it does lots of nice conversions including converting to RTFD and DOC with bolds, italics, and more.

Caveat: 1.4 is version on App store. I have a copy of 1.5 beta, so I’m not positive if RTFD and DOC are both export options with 1.4. However, I know RTF is on 1.4 and will accomplish the same thing.

Thanks Mitchell -

Yes, I have Marked, and have used it for previewing Scrivener docs, so I could go through it copying each section as RTF, then finding the appropriate section in Scrivener and pasting it back over the top.

I was just looking for a more automatic way that didn’t involve a lot of switching to and fro, since I have about 30 sections in this doc.

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Completely understood.

I don’t know if there’s a better way, but it would make sense for Scrivener to have this ability built in at some point. (Easy for me to say! I have no idea how hard that is to do.) And there may be an easy way to convert that I don’t know about.

Hope you find a better solution.