converting from mmd to rtf

In the menu one can find the option to convert bold and italics into mmd syntax. Is it possible to do also the opposite and convert mmd syntax into rtf (not via import but while editing)?

It was really just a Yes/No question… I understand it is a No…
Such an option could have made working with my iPad (using index card’s “long text field”) and scrivener much easier.
Another option is to use find&replace that will replace any word to word, but it seems that scrivener find&replace doesn’t have this ability playing with strings and such (or maybe I’m wrong?).
I do wish that I could just write on the iPad apps in a MMD style or in any other arbitrary way I choose to indicate bolds and italics, then sync with scrivener, and then with a simple act of find&replace (or a convert command) make my text seem normal, with out compiling.


Are we not allowed to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend? :smiley:

I am looking into the possibility of allowing basic Markdown with external folder sync, but nothing is definite at the moment. And of course, in the longer run we are working on our own iPad/iPhone app which will allow basic formatting.

I’m glad to know that at least some one has returned this easter… :wink:

Thank you for your answer, I will wait patiently for your iPad app.