Converting Presets to Styles in a WP

Hi…I’ve got a good-sized technical support document ready for compilation.

I’ve searched “Take Control of Scrivener”, the help files and this forum, and have yet to figure out a definitive answer to my question of How to Convert Presets to Styles?

I’m working with Scrivener Mac, and I gather it is best to export to RTF to be able to edit either in Word (Windows) or Pages (Mac). Once I get my file there, however, I have to go through the entire file and manually do the conversions for text styles.

What is the normal way of dealing with this? TIA. — Larry

Is each of the presets a unique format (combination of font, size etc)?

If they are, then you can use Word’s Search and Replace facility to find those combinations and assign a Word style to them.

It is…and there really aren’t that many of them; maybe I could even create a script that would do this.
Ultimately, I think I want the manuscript in Pages, but all the suggestions that I see say that the way to get from Scriv to Pages is through Word.

You don’t necessarily need to go through Word, but you need to set your compile to .doc or .docx, as Pages .rtf import doesn’t support headers, footers, images … etc. But probably for absolutely best way to get it into pages is Scrivener to .rtf > into Word and save as .doc(x) > open in Pages.

Mind you, I don’t have Word, and Pages is only for emergencies … Nisus Writer Pro for me!!

Mr X

So, can you export directly from Scriv to Nisus? and end up with the presets as styles? And would the export include graphics? — L

Nisus uses RTF as its native format, so yes images etc. are imported, but Scrivener can’t (and shouldn’t in my opinion) flow text round them, and no, as Scrivener’s presets are just format painters they come into NWP looking however you’ve set compile and ‘Export as is’. So one has to do in NWP just as you’d do in Word.

As I don’t know anything about Word for Mac since version 5.1a, I don’t know what the possibilities are; but in NWP you can use Regex in search and replace, together with searching and replacing styles/colours etc. — the latter I know you can do in Word — and then, when you’ve got your search and replace working, you can macroize it at the click of a button for future use.

Mr X