Converting Templates Mid Project

:bulb: Is it possible to convert from a blank project to a template?
I am very new to this software and I started writing an academic paper in a blank project and now realise it would be far easier if I used the Essay template. Is it possible to convert the blank project into a template one? Or do I need to start a new templates project and transfer all the materials across?

If you’re mid-project, there isn’t going to be much in that template that helps you much. If you see something in template that you like, you can drag it over between binders into your working project easily enough. If it’s the compile settings you want, you can save those as a preset and make them instantly available to all projects on your computer. There isn’t a whole lot of advantage (I’d say none at all) to moving your content to a new project file you create off a different template. That would break all of your internal links and references if you have any.

Thanks. For replying. I am very new to this software and I am finding its intricacies a little hard to navigate.

No problem. Just consider the built-in templates to be starters. They are usually nothing more than a few folders and files (maybe one of them has been set to be a document template folder), and often some compile settings as well. That’s roughly it. They don’t add new features, or change the way in which the program works, and anything that is being done within them can be replicated or made available to the rest of the software.

So is it the Chicago style you are looking for, or just the special folders and such in the binder sidebar?