Converting things to shared ...

I’ve got old projects that are in Documents on one or another Mac … although I also have the Documents folders from both my Macs up in Dropbox for reasons.

I’d like to get all those projects under sharing. I am supposing that I can just move the unshared .scriv files into my Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder and be good to go?

Is that the case? Thanks!

If you’re not using iOS, they don’t even need to be in that folder. Anywhere in Dropbox will do.

If you are using iOS, remember that iOS devices don’t have as much room as their bigger cousins. Running out of room on the device can cause all kinds of weird behavior.


I am using iOS, and thanks for the space reminder. I’ll do some math and see where I stand relative to 32G or whatever is on the iPad.

I’m guessing the basic answer is “yes, you can just move them”, and the rest is useful additional data.




Thank you!