Converting to a Word doc

I started a new project and have about 10 Chapeters done, each one is a different “scrivener scene”. When I exported it to Word, I got 10 seperate files. I dont want that. I want ONE MS Word doc with all 10 chapters, one after another. How do I do that?

Hello Owen1. The process you’re looking for is File > Compile.

We have a 4-part video series titled “Getting Your Work Out” on the Mac tutorial videos page. Those videos demonstrate using the built-in compile formats as well as show the customization process.

Whether you’re using Scrivener on a Mac or a PC, the compile process is fairly similar, so seeing those videos could be helpful.

The Interactive Tutorial also has some documents about the compile process. And, Chapters 23 and 24 in the Scrivener manual go into detail on the settings and customization process. You can access both the Tutorial and the manual from Scrivener’s Help menu.

I personally recommend that you open the Tutorial and test out the different compile output options and formats before compiling your manuscript. That way, you can experiment on a project that isn’t your work.


The option you are looking for is “compile”. It is among the main menu options.


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